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Call: +44 (0) 2089406087

Email: info@faribasoltani.com



In an era of fast fashion we focus on designing well-crafted and timeless pieces that can be relevant to our customers for much longer than a season or two. We are not fashion-led and in our creations express individuality and personal choices as we imagine our customers do.

Fashion is an extremely pollutant industry.  We have chosen to work with family owned production houses that have put ethical and ecological production at the forefront of their work. Our production house environmental benchmark, unravelled premium quality and the meticulous craftsmanship are a source of relief and pride, and we can confidently say, we are not fast fashion and style is synonymous with ethics.

Italy is the cradle of high-quality craftsmanship, sharp tailoring and production of artisan textile. We help preserve the tradition and legacy by continuing to be “Made in Italy”.



I started my career in architecture working for the award-winning British practice Foster + Partners.

While working within the architecture field I nurtured my long passion for pattern creation that was seeded long back by working alongside my mother, a Persian rug designer and maker. I explored various options of turning my pattern to a tangible product. Being a long lover of scarves, the only patterned item I would normally use myself while keeping my outfit pretty plain and basic, I decided scarves would be the perfect canvas for my ideas.

My collections reflect both my working background and my cultural heritage. With an architectural background, simple lines, natural and geometric shapes form the essence of my design. I channel my affinity for quality of materials, layering, colour palette and shapes into my collections, putting a modern twist on the functional design.

In creating Fariba Soltani, I aim to create story telling pieces that are rich in design and craftsmanship and stay true to my love and appreciation for quality and timeless design that is to last for many years to come.




” This initiative is my response to the current humanity crisis that children are facing in conflict zones.

I am supporting the work of war child for these children. Their work is a cause that is very close to my heart. Growing up I had a first-hand experience of war, living as a young girl through seven years of the Iran Iraq war.

Every day, thousands of children from all corners of the world from Iraq, Syria, to South Sudan and Yemen come under attack. They lose home, family and their lives. They are left vulnerable to many other dangers, from disease and malnutrition to violence and exploitation.

War child helps these children to rebuild their lives, gain access to healthcare and education and have the opportunities that all children should be entitled to.

From each purchase you make from Fariba Soltani website we donate 3% of the sale to the cause to provide a better future for these children.

Your support means more lives being saved, more families united and home and smile restored on these innocent faces.”

With Love

Fariba x