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    The Arman collection


    The Arman collection celebrates the life of a professional woman and motherhood. Each stage of life has its own beauty and challenges and we love to embrace and highlight it. We have reflected the stage of life the designer is in through our professional ballerina model. This collection is dedicated to her beloved baby to be born and dearest life partner.

    The design begins its life as interlocking, three-dimensional, geometric volumes that act as a chain, and gradually opens at the corners, allowing the chain elements to be free and start their own journey. In the final result, one can see the connection that has been broken and from the larger picture, connect the dots to see the original forms. We are all the result of our DNA, and no matter what we do in life, those elements are and will be part of us forever – the building blocks for future generations. Let us accept and celebrate who we are and how we are.

    The word Arman in the Farsi language means hope, ideal and aspiration.

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