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  • Men’s Cashmere Blend Scarf Rosso The Radin

    Behind the scene of Fariba Soltani latest campaign photoshoot

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    The work of Jaime Hayon, all time favourite

    Jaime Hayon, an Spanish designer, and a household name in the industry. He is known for his visionary work that knows no boundaries.…

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    • grey monochrome wool scarf
    • grey monochrome wool scarf

    The Aban – AW Collection

    Fariba Soltani returns for AW with her boundary pushing aesthetic – bold lines are this season’s most striking signature. Complimenting…

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  • Thrilled to be featured in avant garde magazine SOMA

    Read the editorial at Soma Online While the concept of a scarf is hardly novel in the accessories market, nor…

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    Collage artist | Cecil Touchon

    Cecil Touchan, a painter and a collage master. His visual poetry is created from found texts found in spam emails,…

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    The Inspiration behind AW 14 Scarves Collection, The Atrisa

    The Atrisa, in Persian meaning “like fire”, is study of patterns of flames and smoke that vanish in fleeting moments…

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    Calculation drawings | Rafael Araujo

    In the midst of our daily binge of emailing, Facebooking, Instagramming and Photoshopping, it’s hard to imagine how anything was…

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    Colorful liquid splashes | Floto+Warner Studio

    The colorful Liquid sculptures Captured by Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto of Floto+Warner Studio. They recently produced this beautiful series…

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  • women scarf

    Inspiration behind SS15 collection, The Salda

    The Salda is inspired by the study of cast of natural light on colourful Onyx stone in their original quarry…

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    Marcello Morandini monochromic work

    Italian designer Marcello Morandin has made reputation for monochromic art works that expands from graphic design to sculpture and architectural…

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    Paolo Scheggi Art

    Paolo Scheggi, an Italian artist known for his monochromic art work. Scheggi technique of super imposing over lapping canvases, with…

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    Sand Creatures suspended in midair | Claire Droppert

    Rotterdam-based photographer Claire Droppert in the photographic series titled Sand Creatures hurled clumps of sand through the air and captured…

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    Inspiration for AW 16/17 – From Persian rug Gabbeh to Scarves

    Our AW collection depicts the patterns of Gabbeh, the tribal rugs woven in the south central Zagros mountain range and…

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    Alain Biltereyst | slow, simple, sweet

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    7 classic ways for men to tie scarves

    For the modern man, the scarf is not just a utilitarian winter accessory, it is a fashion necessity that combines…

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    Zaha hadid | the queen of curve

    It was with great sorrow that I heard the news of Zaha Hadid’s passing. I first came across her work…

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    A legend, a route and a touch of couture-history of Silk

    Two weeks ago we were travelling from Switzerland to Northern Italy and the beautiful lake Como on a trip to…

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